On Trump, as the new U.S. President


Let us not forget that Trump is a cunning businessman. He knew his target market well and made sure his marketing campaign made them buy what he offers. If there’s anything I’ve learned from advertising in college, it’s that a business thrives on anything, and will do anything, to win against a competitor and to make their sales go up whatever and however it costs — even if that would mean fooling people with their advertisements. That’s what ensures their success in sales. Trump did just that, and he did well.

The challenge now is how a united front will emerge from these conditions and go up against the ‘movement’ that Trump has built — capitalist/imperialist, profit-driven, racist and sexist in nature, at that. Clearly, we have a lot more educating, organizing, and mobilizing to do ahead of us when a person like Trump just won president of the #1 imperialist country in the world. Imperialism has just consolidated its machineries the perfect way possible. And so we must also consolidate the peoples’ forces who are oppressed and exploited by imperialism, and expand our reach to other oppressed and exploited communities and nations all the more. As imperialism continues to build its empire around the world, so must the scores of people join in building an international mov’t that will genuinely address the peoples’ social and economic needs — something that imperialism definitely does not address and even threatens to, and has actually been, trampling on, for the past decades.

This is a time to join forces, not blame anyone for not voting Hillary vs Trump, because even if folks did not vote for third party, I honestly think Hillary would still have lost. Trump is a cunning businessman and I bet he definitely had his mind set on winning — whatever and however it costs.



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