Today, I watched my first ever Broadway show (I know, I’ve been living in NY for many years now and sure, I’ve seen off-Broadway shows, but never really made the time and never had the money or even saved up for those real ‘Broadway’ shows all these years). But today, I finally watched. Salamat, Mama Renz, for the tickets (she gave it to my mami as a gift and I got tagged along — well, that’s another story so I’ll just let my mom tell hers). As for me, though, thoughts were already running through my mind all throughout the show. My love for theater has once again been fired up and my dream to direct a play/show or even act in one resurfaced once more. Theater arts was actually my third choice for college (after Fine Arts and Journalism, as my first and second, respectively), and I’ve always said that had I not been active with the student council in college, I would have joined the UP Rep. I guess it also helped that it was “Allegiance” and Lea Salonga and George Takei were the main performers. I especially loved Lea’s character, her husband in the play, Frankie, and her father. I won’t spill any more, but I do recommend for folks to watch. Aaaanndd.. I’d have to admit it was a good one for my first Broadway show. 🙂

PS: Plus the production design was also amazing! Looks simple, but amazing. 🙂


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