This is the year we turn 30.


I am reminded by a tweet from my gradeschool friend, Weewan.

But before I go about taking 2013 in stride, let me bid 2012 goodbye first with the proper send-off greetings. Just a few acknowledgments of what 2012 brought me.

2012, I guess, is the year with the least drama of all. The year when I totally “got rid of baggages” and decided to “start up the machinery” (taking off from a quote by Comrade Mao Zedong). 2012 had been a generally happy year and signaled a start of new beginnings. Changes and challenges were undertaken and the mind was freed of all the clutter. All because I choose to do and be so. As we say in the movement, “Internal pa rin ang mapagpasya” (The internal is still decisive).

In 2012, I started up a new email account — leaving behind 5 years worth of memories, a mix of all kinds, and started making new ones. I finally learned how to cook. I dropped soda for the whole year. I took up challenging tasks that nobody else wanted or had the capacity and time to do. I had my first paid photo gig. In short, in 2012, I took the plunge. These are only some of the personal decisions I have made, but of course, still guided, urged and supported by kasamas.

But apart from these, 2012 is still not without stress and shortcomings. Those, though, are only secondary with the objectives and the end goal still in mind. 2012, I must say, brought out a more focused person in me. Processes were carried out ever more clearly and scientifically. Contradictions were met with resolve and firmness. All these would not have been possible, though, had I not relied on the masses and kasamas. Although personal decisions were made, it is still the community which brought out the best in me and in what I have done during the past year.

2012 also saw victories in the workers’ and peoples’ struggles — here in New York, in the Philippines, and around the world — all from which I have always drawn strength and which prevail over any failures or disappointments. Truly, collective action is still the most potent force of all.

As the whole world ushers in a new year, I would also like to embrace 2013 with continuous faith in the strength of the people, that more victories will be achieved within the next year and that the masses will gain more consciousness, passion and resolution in working towards a brighter future. And with it, I rest my faith that I, too, will grow in more ways than one in this year that is 2013.

2013, I’ve heard, is the time to seize the initiative. Firmly and fiercely.

My 30th year will be a blast. And I’m pretty sure of it.

Have a meaningful 2013, everyone!

4-up on 1-1-13_final

My mami and I (New York on New Year’s Day 2013)

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